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Dax is an avid racquet sports enthusiast, blogger, and music lover with a day job in marketing cloud and security solutions. Dax's coordinates are shown below: email:; Twitter: @daxnair; LinkedIn:

Fear of sandwiches

Fear of Sandwiches - Reboot Sociall

In retrospect, it was no big deal. But at the time, I felt rather stupid. Consider this. There are at least five decision points and over fifty variables that you got to deal with before you can order a sandwich at…

Would You Like to Buy a Troll?

First job in Canada - Reboot Social

Follow my blog with Bloglovin How I got my first job in Canada. The interview was scheduled for 9:00 AM. I was excited. Potentially, it was going to be my first job in Canada. The hiring company was an International Distributor…

The Retirement Calculator

Retirement Calculator - Reboot Social

The retirement calculator was not complicated, but detailed. My friend Dino had sent it to me. Conversations among the folks that I hung out with at the club seemed to always drift towards retirement planning. No one was getting any…